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Restaurant Review: SMOKE

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I want to offer my fans more than my traditional hook up stories so I decided to also start posting restaurant reviews. We will see how it goes, but I am going to try at least one new place every week, maybe every two weeks and post about my experience at various restaurants.

Last night, Houston and I went to SMOKE for dinner. Houston is my brother. He actually lives in Houston too. He is in sales and comes up to Dallas about once a month for meetings. We will usually go grab dinner at some place we have never been and toss back a few drinks afterwards.

We sat down at SMOKE, a restaurant in Dallas’ Oak Cliff. As we walked to our table, I noticed a mix of fish and smoked barbeque scents filled the air. Not something I was used to smelling together. The waiter was at our table right after we sat down asking for drinks and if we would like one of the appetizers. We had not even had a chance to read any of the appetizers yet. I had barely had a chance to even glance at their specialty drink menu. I asked him if any of the specialty Bourbons were good. He did not seem to think so. He suggested his favorite house drink which was the Scotch. He seemed to have little knowledge of the drink menu, because he did not tell me what made the Scotch so good when I asked him. I wanted Bourbon and I agreed with him on the unappealing Bourbons. I really hate bitters and the taste of orange with Bourbon just sounded vial.

We looked at the appetizer, “Small” menu and nothing on it appealed either. Beets? Radishes? No thanks. Spicy Arugula or Lettuce & Herbs? Why do you not just say salad?

All I have to say is Crab Cakes! Maybe even a Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno stuffed with Cheese. I will even use some things off the main menu and make appetizer suggestions.

How about?

  • Smoked Ham & Swiss Sliders with Coarse Ground Mustard
  • BBQ Salmon with Tomato, Avocado & Crumbled Bacon on Bruschetta
  • The cheese plate almost appealed to us. We probably would have gotten it if the Pork Andouille Sausage was on it.

Just a couple suggestions, but I bet more patrons would order these items than the current appetizer options they have to choose from. I know Houston and I would.

Houston asked the waiter if there were any chef specials. None.

The Dry Rubbed Pork Spare Ribs with Mac n Cheese & Pickled Green Beans looked good to me and so did the Pulled All Natural Whole Hog, NC Style with Rustic Toast and Blue Cheese Cole Slaw. I ordered the Ribs and Houston ordered the Hog so we could share some of the items.

Talk about fast food delivery, the food was out almost too quick. I guess this place does not want to drive up tickets with people hanging out drinking. I eat least favorite to favorite, so the green beans were my first thing to try. I was impressed. They were very good. Though, I do wish I had more than eight.

The Mac n Cheese was cold and there was nothing special about it. It was nothing close to Victor Tangos or Hattie’s. I enjoyed the ribs. They were tender and the dry rub gave them an excellent flavor. The portion of ribs was plentiful, so I gave two of them to Houston. I would definitely go back for the ribs.

I tried the Whole Hog and Cole Slaw that my brother ordered. It was not bad. Houston said it could use something. I suggested some sauce or maybe a light vinegar & maple syrup or honey sauce au jus.

I had another Bourbon and we hit the road. I finished my plate, so it was not horrible. Like I said, I liked the Ribs, the Pickled Green Beans and the atmosphere was not bad.

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