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Helen (Restaurant Review)

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I have always thought Greek women were sexy. When I lived in Plano on a short stint, a few years ago, there were always olive skinned, well endowed, beautiful girls working at the restaurants up there. I fell for a different waitress or bartender almost every time I went out for dinner.

Cailyn and I went out for Friday lunch at Zikiki’s in Dallas. It is a small Greek restaurant located in the Travis Walk. I was not really that interested on going out for Greek food for lunch, but today I caved when I could not think of anything better.

Cailyn recommended I try the Sliced Leg of Lamb Gyro. The gyro came served with free-range lamb on pita bread with red onions, Ziziki sauce and a side of roasted red potatoes. It looked as good as anything else on the menu, so I went with her recommendation. Our food came out pretty quick. I always get a little nervous when food is served too quickly unless it’s Mexican food. I overcame my nervousness when I saw how delicious it looked.

I sampled the potatoes first. They were crunchy on the outside and seasoned with Greek seasonings, a small amount of rosemary, and I am sure garlic, salt and pepper. They tasted very good. My gyro was huge and I was concerned it was not going fit in my mouth and may fall apart. I managed to get it to fit and held it together as I picked it up. The flavor of this thing exploded in my mouth. It was surprisingly delicious. I have had gyros before, but this is by far the best one I have ever tasted. The pillowy pita bread was soft on the inside and crisp on the edges. The Ziziki sauce had the perfect combination ingredients as to not be overpowering. After discovering this wonder flavor, I ladled the sauce onto my gyro and over my potatoes.

As I was enjoying my sandwich, this amazing looking Greek woman walked in. She was a brunette with brown eyes and long full brown hair. She was utterly gorgeous. I caught her gaze and she smiled at me. My heart rate had elevated. I found myself starting to have “feelings” once again. You know the feelings. The ones that are deep in your gut and it almost unnerves you to the point where you will do almost anything just to spend a few more moments with a beautiful woman. In front of me was a Greek angel. This must be what Helen of Troy looked like. I felt like I was in my own personal heaven. I was just served the most delicious sandwich ever and this beautiful woman just walked into the room. I said hello as she walked by. I could tell by the look in her eyes that I will definitely have a shot with her later. I even think I might be falling in love all at the same time. I glanced in “Helen’s” direction to try and get her attention. She looked up from her menu and smiled at me again. I smiled back at her.

My eyes drifted back to my sandwich. The feelings overwhelmed me in an instant and I knew exactly what I wanted. My heart knew who I was meant to be with. People always say that true love happens all at once and when you know you just know. You cannot explain it. It just overtakes you. I know this sounds crazy. I did not think it would be possible either. But if you just experienced the moment I just had, you would believe it too. I could not believe I was actually thinking that I may fall in love again.

My eyes will never drift again. I will never cheat on her. I will savor every moment I spend with her. She will be the only one of her kind I will ever taste again. For the first time in my life I was actually okay with feeling like this. I smiled as I realized I was ready to commit whole heartily. I made a promise to myself that I will cherish every second of every future moment with her. I grabbed her, picked her up and I pulled her close to my mouth. I spoke softly to her as I promised that I will never love any other Greek sandwich ever again the way I loved this one.

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