The Girls That End in E

Austin's First Date Icebreakers

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Favorite Movie of all time?

Last movie you saw in the theater?

Movie you love and can watch over and over, but you know it's bad.

Would you rather watch Reality TV vs Sitcom?

Best TV Show ever?

Favorite Actor?

Favorite Actress?

Favorite Book?

Favorite Author?

Favorite Flower?

Favorite Food?

Favorite Color?

Favorite Country Musician?

Favorite Musician?

If you could meet anyone from the past or present, who would you like to sit and b/s with?

Three Personal items you would want to have with you for comfort if you were trapped on a desert island?

Rather have a dog or a cat?

What insect, reptile or animal gives you the hibi jebeez even if you saw it on discovery or something like fear factor?

Coke or Dr.Pepper(this is Texas so Pepsi doesn't get an option)

Favorite hole in the wall place to eat?

Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Do you like board games?

Pick a superpower(invisibility, super strength, ability to fly, or theme music)?

Prettiest place you have ever been?

Place you would most want to visit but have never been there?

Favorite place to visit?

If you had to make a desision about something important, would you trust the magic 8 ball?

If you had to make a desision about something unimportant, would you trust the magic 8 ball?

Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep b/c you made a decision that would impact your entire life, but you knew in your heart it was for the better, even though it hurt so bad to do.

Have you ever lost someone you were close to?

Do you feel you have to go to church to be closer to God?

If you were to win a lifetime achievement award, who would you thank? Who would you want to be there to support you. You have two tickets to give away and you can only take one family member.

Name one item you would be lost without?

After you had been dating someone for a while would you rather have a picnic with fried chicken by the lake or romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant?

On a steamy summer evening would you rather get inside and out of the rain but still listen to it come down and cuddle or would you rather slow dance in it w/someone special?

On a sunday during a crappy overcast cold winter day would you rather lay in bed/couch in you pajamas all day long and watch movies or would you feel the need to get up and do something b/c you just wasted the entire day?

Ski dive or bunji jump?

Tell me about your family? Brothers? Sisters? Nieces? Nephews? Parents?

Where do you like to hang out?

Keep the list going by adding your own ice breakers in the comments section below.


The Girls That End in "E"

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