The Girls That End in E

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Leaving It In My Beaver
The Untold Stories of Barbara Billingsley

I Touched Twiggy in His Special Place
The Never Before Released Sexual Escapades of Gil Gerard ("Buck Naked" Rogers)

Lady of The Night Court

Markie Post's True Life Battle With Prostitution

Silver Spoons Weren't The First Thing Inside Me
Ricky Shroder's Battle With Child Abuse

Spanked In The Bell Tower
Dennis Haskins Speaks Out About His Secret Relationship With Dustin Diamond

Miami Thrice
Don Johnson and his Obsession With Threesomes

Who's Really The Boss?
S & M Techniques from Katherine Helmond and Judith Light   

Who's The Boss Now?
The Danny Pintauro Kidnappings

Dawson’s Muddy Creek
James Van Der Beek tell all battle with inflammatory bowel disease.

3rd Sock From The Fun
French Stewart coaches a teenage Joseph Gordon-Levitt through an obsessive masturbatory crush on co-star Jane Curtin.

The Queen of Queens
Kevin James’ bout with cross-dressing.

Inside Veronica’s Panty Closet
Dan Cortese admits to an obsession he had with collecting Kirstie Alley’s underwear since the GQ spread where the cast of Cheers showed off her panties.

Lois and Clark Bars
Teri Hatcher finally confesses that she was the one who left the candy bar wrappers with love poems in Dean Cain's dressing room.

These are not real books, just ones I think would be great reads.

The Girls That End in "E"

  • Courtney if you want to read about a girl who might be from another planet.
  • Sandy if you want to read about a girl who Facebook stalks and might time travel.
  • Robbie if you want to read about a girl who gave me a red rocket.
  • Allie if you want to read about a girl who likes to play dress up.

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