The Girls That End in E

About Austin W. Dallas

My name is Austin W. Dallas. I grew up in a small town in Texas. I went to college in a little town and now I live and work in Dallas, Texas. I have a regular job I go to every day. Granted, I own the business, but the work I do is the same as I would be doing if I worked for a corporation. I am not an author. I am a story teller. I had a bunch of stories, so one day I decided to write them down. This site is a place for me to share my stories with the world.

If one day, my stories make me rich and famous that would be great, but I did not write this book to become rich and famous. I wrote the stories because I felt I had a tale to tell, one that I hope would bring a little bit of joy to someone, even if that joy is brought about by laughing at my own tragedies.

I have lived a pretty normal live thus far. I grew up in a normal well balanced home. In High School I was popular and I was a dork. I was in all the advanced math and science classes, and I loved to party. I always made good grades. I played sports. I went through the tragedy of cancer with my mother and my sister, both which are survivors. I tried to get along with everyone in school. I have a great and supportive family. I had one great love that was lost to stubbornness on both sides. I went to college. I was in a fraternity. I had a normal early career. I worked for a .com. I worked for corporations. I had one love that I lost to distance & circumstance.  I started my own company. I work harder now than ever. I am in my thirties now. I know who I am. I know who I want to become. I love women. I would not mind having a wife and kids one day, but I am in no rush.

There is one problem with that last statement; you know how you are not supposed to talk about a lady in the bedroom? I kicked it up a notch and I wrote down my stories about women in the: bedroom, car, bus, closet, bar, bathroom, airplane, pool, lake and some places you would never guess about or speak above a whisper. Whiskey Soaked Panties may prevent me from ever finding the right one or maybe telling the stories and clearing the air will. Who  really knows? I am just a storyteller who enjoys life's little pleasures. Enjoy my blog and my comedy/tragedy when it is finally printed. I enjoyed writing it.

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